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My Kidnappers Spoke Good Yoruba And English – Ekiti Oil Guru Reveals




An oil dealer in Ekiti state, Suleiman Akinbami, has claimed that his abductors spoke Yoruba and English fluently.

Akinbam, who was abducted on January 10 by gunmen at one of his filling stations in Ado Ekiti, was released a week later in Kogi state after paying an undisclosed sum as ransom.


In an interview with The Punch, Akinbami said his abductors claimed to be unemployed graduates.

The Ekiti oil magnate stated that if his abductors were not Yoruba, “they had been in Yoruba land for long”.
“They spoke good Yoruba and good English. I want to believe that if they are not Yoruba, they had been in Yorubaland for long. They spoke good Yoruba. They spoke good English as well. They claimed to be jobless graduates,” Akinbami said.


He added: “I am appealing to government; the economy is not helping matters; those in authority should try and see how they can help the unemployed graduates through employment creation. Let the youths have something doing,” he said.

“The truth is that without jobs, it will be easy to recruit them into kidnapping, and nobody will be safe. I appeal to the state government and the Federal Government to please find a solution because my case will not be the last. Kidnapping has now become a trend. It is my prayer that we quickly find a solution to it.”


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