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Gone are the days when you had to wait till the morning for another round of relevant information in a daily newspaper. Fortunately, today you can stay updated on all the compelling topics with numerous Internet sources. However, choosing a trusted news website can be trickier than you could ever imagine. In today’s world, information is a powerful source of manipulation. Misleading facts are often used by influencers, politicians, and authorities to fraud people and win over their consciousness.

If you are looking for the trusted source of the latest news in Nigeria, The Editor is your go-to platform. We are an independent team of like-minded journalists who do their job honestly and with passion. We never aim to sway you toward any particular point of view, delivering only authentic today's news in Nigeria so that you could come up with your own conclusions. Our team always goes the extra mile to inform, educate, and entertain you with the fact-checked content. Subscribe to The Editor to be abreast of the latest updates.

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The Editor is an independent news portal focused on meeting the needs of the Nigerien audience and the world community in verified reports. We spread today's news in Nigeria without withholding facts or making things look better than they are. Our intuitive platform offers you to plunge into the most relevant content on the following topics:

We cover local and the world's top sports events, political and corporate games, celebs' life and rumors, technology breakthroughs, and so much more. Avail yourself of the breaking news and turn its daily reading into your new good habit.

The Editor's word of warning: Beware of fake news in Nigeria!

With a gazillion news sources popping up on the web, you can easily be bogged down in information noise. Unfortunately, many online platforms distribute fake Naija news today, playing hanky-panky with thousands of Nigerian citizens. How to stay away from fake news, you would ask? The answer is go to trusted online sources and analyze what you read.

The Editor is a reputable news platform that stands on guard of your informational safety. With us, you can check the credibility of one or another piece of news as we never intend to cheat on your loyalty.

Do you want to waste hours picking tiny portions of the latest Naija news now? We bet you don’t. So, it’s time to subscribe to The Editor, one of Nigeria’s most trusted news portals.

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