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#EndSARS: Adamu Garba Reacts To Clinton’s Warning To Buhari




Former Presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba, reacted to Hillary Clinton’s call for an end to Lekki massacre.

Recall that Clinton had asked President Buhari and the Nigerian military to stop killing young Nigerian #EndSARS protesters.


Reacting, Adamu said Hillary and other left wing actors are fighting God and nature, by turning people into aliens, gays and lesbians.

He further described them as “blood sucking abortionist” who must leave the shores of Nigeria and Africa.


He tweeted;
I told you that we knew the script these guys are playing at: the entire breakdown of law & order in Nigeria Same Hilary spearhead the destruction of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and even Egypt at some point wants to import venom in Nigeria Nigerians are wiser, no way for you here.

As most traveled & least accomplished Secretary of State of U.S, Hilary’s underwhelming Middle East policy saw the destruction of families, women, children, properties, government & people. This they planned to extend to Nigeria. She is not qualified to tell Nigeria what to do.


Let all these evil left wing actors, whose sole agenda is to fight against God and against nature, whose mission is to turn us into aliens, gays, lesbians, blood sucking abortionist, leave the shores of Nigeria and Africa.

We say NO to foreign medlars and alien cultures. Thanks.


Adamu Garba had been black listed by many Nigerians after the politician sued Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey for allegedly interfering in Nigerian local politics, demanding $1 billion compensation.

In a suit he filed before the Federal High Court in Abuja, the politician urged the court to compel the Nigerian Communications Commission to shut down Twitter and prevent it from operating within the Nigerian cyberspace.


Dorsey angered Garba last week when the Twitter CEO solicited funds for the ongoing EndSARS protests on the platform.
The EndSARS protest is largely coordinated on Twitter, where funds have also been generated.

Garba said in last week’s tirade that Dorsey interfered in the nation’s local politics to promote unrest in Nigeria by endorsing the protest and posting links to donations.


He filed the fundamental rights enforcement suit after he earlier threatened to do so if the EndSARS protests led to the loss of Nigerian lives.

There have been reports of deaths in Lagos, Abuja, Oyo, Osun and a few other states in Nigeria since the protests began.


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