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OndoDecides2020: INEC Declares Governor Akeredolu Winner (Details)




The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced the incumbent Governor Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria’s ruling party the winner of the 2020 Ondo State governorship election.
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) commenced the Ondo governorship election at exactly 8 am on Saturday, October 10, amidst tight security, theeditorngr reports.

The election took place in eighteen (18) Local Government Areas (LGAs) and two hundred and three (203) wards and  three thousand and nine (3,009) polling units in the states.
According to the results of all the 18 LGAs announced by INEC, the incumbent Governor Akeredolu, who is seeking re-election, won 15 of the 18 Local Government Areas where the election took place.
Prof Idowu Olayinka, the INEC Returning Officer, declared Governor Akeredolu the winner Ondo 2020 governorship election with 292,830.
On the other hand, Eyitayo Jegede, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Nigeria’s main opposition party, polled 195,791 while Ondo Deputy Governor, Agboola Ajayi of the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) scored 69,127 votes.


Here is the election results of all 18 LGAs announced by INEC.

1. Ese Odo LGA:
APC: 13,383
PDP: 4,680
ZLP: 4,760
There are 10 registration areas.
Registered: 70,011
Accredited: 24,270
Valid: 23,300
Rejected: 868
Total Cast: 24,168
There were no cancellation. Election was generally peaceful,no challenges.


2. Odigbo LGA: 
APC: 23,571
PDP: 9,485
ZLP: 6,540
There are 11 registration areas
Registration: 134, 674
Accredited: 43, 250
Valid: 41, 072
Rejected: 1,922
Total cast: 42,994
We have three cancellations totaling 1007. Ajana village polling booth 008 was cancelled as a result of violence caused by snatching and smashing of the ballot box.
In Ward 6, unit 002 use of a card reader was abandoned and it resorted to violence. Thirdly, Ward 6, unit 003 use of card reader was abandoned also.

3. Ondo West:
Prof. Ademola Ibitoye is Collation Officer
APC: 15,977
PDP: 10,627
ZLP: 10,159
There are 12 registration areas.
Registered: 171,104
Accredited: 39,890
Valid: 38,177
Rejected: 1,657
Total cast: 39,834
There is a cancellation in five wards comprising eight polling units which are:
Ward one, unit 13 over voting
Ward two, unit 10 refusal to use the smart card which they said it was a waste of time.
In Ward two, unit 11 same thing happened.
Ward five, unit three over voting
Ward five, unit six they bought out voting bag, emptied, and burnt it.
In Ward seven, unit 27, there was over-voting.
Ward 12, unit 04, while voting was ongoing the card reader malfunctioned and the PO decided to make arrangements for another smart card reader but voters said they they want to conclude by voting without the smart card reader. They did not allow the PO to look for one.
In polling unit 12, there was over-voting.
No case of PWD.


4. Ilaje LGA: 
APC: 26,657
PDP: 11,128
ZLP: 4, 405

There are 12 registration areas.
Registered: 132,281
Accredited: 44,624
Valid: 42,814
Rejected: 1,316
Total Cast: 44,130
We have records of cancelled votes in three unit totaling 1,479.


5. OSE LGA: 
APC: 15,122
PDP: 8,421
ZLP: 1,083
There are 12 registration areas.
Registered: 69,087
Accredited: 26,065
Valid: 25,219
Rejected: 748
Total cast: 25,967
There were no cancelled polling units and no PWD voters.

6. Okitipupa LGA:
Prof Isaac Oluwajoba is Collation Officer
APC: 19,266
PDP: 10,367
ZLP: 10,120
There are 13 registration areas
Registered: 108,404
Accredited: 42,456
Valid; 40,809
Rejected: 1,539
Total cast: 42,348
Three polling units were cancelled totaling 1,413 votes.
The units are 02, Ejere Ward, unit three at Ibatapo 1 and Ijudo unit five.


In one of the units, hoodlums snatched form EC8 and smartcard readers after voting.
The only result was one presented by a party agent. The other two were as a result of over-voting. There were no PWDs.

7. Akure South LGA:
Prof. Olufemi Adesina is Collation Officer.
APC: 17,277
PDP: 47,627
ZLP: 2,236
Registered: 286,641. Accredited: 69,961. Valid: 68,428. Rejected: 1,405. Total Cast: 69,833.
There were cases of cancelled polling units and this occurred in Osisi quarters Ward four and Ijomu/Oke Ijebu ward four.


There were cases of over voting in Ward four, unit 8. 303 accredited while total votes cast was 306 an excess of four. In Ward four, unit 010, total votes cast exceeded number on card reader.
No report on violence.

8. Akoko South East LGA:
APC: 9,419
PDP: 4,003
ZLP: 2,004
There are 11 registration areas. Registered: 35,709. Accredited: 15,956. Valid: 15,649. Rejected: 298. Total Cast: 15,947
No cancelled polling units or ballots.


9. Idanre LGA:
Prof. Fasasi Adeniyi is Collation Officer.
APC: 11,286
PDP: 7,499
ZLP: 3,623
There are 10 registration areas and 17 parties. Registered: 82,448. Accredited: 25,623. Valid:23,236. Rejected: 1,102. Total Cast: 24,338.
There were some cancellations. In ward 4, there were violence in some polling booths 009, 010,011,012 and 013. Officers there were forced to write report under duress.

In ward 6, 017, voting was prevented and 004 there was violence. Destruction of four polling booths in Ward four. Total cancelled votes 6,069.


10. Akure North LGA:
APC: 9,546
PDP: 12,263
ZLP: 1,046
There are 12 registration areas. Registered: 63,450. Accredited: 24,375. Valid: 23,528. Rejected: 810. Total cast: 24,338.
No cancellation in any unit.

11. Owo LGA:
APC: 35,957
PDP: 5,311
ZLP: 408
Registered: 128,448. Accredited: 44,634. Valid: 42,680. Rejected: 980. Total Cast: 43,660.
No cancellation.


12. Ondo East LGA:
Prof. Taiwo Olusegun served as Collation Officer.
There are 10 wards in the LGA.
APC: 6,485
PDP: 4,049
ZLP: 3,221
Registered: 50,495. Accredited: 14,952. Valid: 14,259. Rejected: 602. Total Cast: 14,861.
The Result of the election in Obada RA Unit 006 was cancelled because accreditation was done manually. Total number of voters there is 660. No people with disabilities there.

13. Akoko Southwest:
Prof. Isiaka Olalekan served as Collation Officer.
PDP 15,055.
ZLP: 2,775.
There are 15 registration areas. Registered: 101,842. Accredited: 41,307. Valid: 40,130. Rejected: 1,052.
Total cast: 41,182. No cancellation.


14. Akoko Northwest:
Prof. Segun Ogunbade is the Collation Officer.
APC: 15,809.
PDP: 10,320.
ZLP: 3,477.
There are 10 registration areas. Registered: 72,139. Accredited: 30,928. Valid: 30,247. Rejected: 607. Total cast: 30,854.
There were no cancelled polling units and no PWDs.

15. Ifedore LGA:
APC: 9,350,
PDP: 11,852.
ZLP: 1,863.
Registered voters: 75257. Accredited 24,441. Valid: 23,654. Rejected: 754. Total cast: 24,408. No cancellation. Elections held in all wards.


16. Ile-Oluji/Oke-Igbo LGA:
Collation Officer Prof. Felix Fabunmi.
APC: 13,278.
PDP: 9,231.
ZLP: 1,971.
Registration areas 10. Registered voters 72,841. Accredited 26,253. Valid: 25,208. Rejected: 1,037. Total Cast: 26,245.
Have a case of cancellation and it happened at unit 8, ward 5 as reported by the PO and RA. Cancelled because of over voting. Number displayed on card reader, 64 was far lower than accredited voters 164. PO was queried and he answered that the card reader malfunctioned.

Consultations were made and resolved that votes be cancelled. Number of registered voters at polling unit 8, ward 5 was 210. We have a case with people with disabilities. Had about 50 of them in the LGA both female and male.


17. Irele LGA:
APC: 12,643.
PDP: 5,493.
ZLP: 5,904.
Registered 66959. Accredited 25819. Valid: 24,842. Rejected: 867. Total Cast: 25,709.
No cancellation and no one presented as physically challenged.

18. Akoko Northeast LGA:
APC: 16,572
PDP: 8,380
ZLP: 3,532
There are 13 registration areas. Registered: 80,040. Accredited: 30,409. Valid: 29,493. Rejected: 884. Total Cast: 30,377.
No cancellation.


For PWD voters there were six visually impaired, five with physical disability. One speech impairment and one albinism totaling 15.


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