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Zenith Bank reports 113% growth in pre-tax profit in Q3, 2023



Zenith Bank reported its 2023 third-quarter results showing pre-tax profits grew by 113.20% year on year, reaching N154.675 billion. 

This took nine-month pre-tax profit to N505.036 billion versus N202.549 billion in the same period last year. 


Key highlights Q3 2023 vs. Q3 2022:  

  • Gross earnings: N361.813 billion +67.65% YoY  
  • Interest Income: N255.507 billion +71.45% YoY 
  • Interest Expense; N102.140 billion +100.81% YoY  
  • Net interest income; N153.367 billion +56.24% YoY  
  • Impairment charge: N2.074 billion -82.68% YoY 
  • Net interest income after impairment charge: N151.293 billion +75.54% YoY 
  • Net fees and commission income: N35.415 billion -0.54% YoY. 
  • Trading gains: N24.350 billion +289.66% YoY 
  • Foreign exchange revaluation gain: N22.534 billion +29.61% YoY 
  • Profit for the period N142.440 billion +126.37% YoY. 
  • Earnings per share N3.29 +54.50% YoY 
  • Loans and advances to customers N5.781 trillion +48.99%. 
  • Cash and Cash equivalents N3.142 trillion +67.84% 
  • Total Assets N18.161 trillion +60.12%. 
  • Customers’ deposits N13.384 trillion +66.42%. 


InsightsThe substantial growth in pre-tax profit can be attributed to the significant growth in gross earnings, driven by growth in interest income.   

  • It is noteworthy that, unlike in Q2, where foreign exchange gains made a substantial contribution to the bank’s gross earnings, the third quarter saw a more modest figure of N22.534 billion in foreign exchange gains. This has had the effect of moderating the total foreign exchange gains for the nine-month period to N378.122 billion. 
  • The bank’s interest expense continued to be elevated due to interest paid on deposits, especially savings deposits probably due to the surge in interest rates 

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