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Zelensky urges Arab League leaders not to turn a blind eye to war in Ukraine



Vladimir Zelenskiy is addressing the Arab League of leaders in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

We have only seen a partial clip of the speech so far. However, Zelenskiy opened by paying tribute to the “warriors” he was representing and the Ukrainian people.

He said: “Ukrainians has never chosen the war. Our troops didn’t go to other lands. We do not engage in annexation and plunder of other nation’s resources. But we will never submit to any foreigners or colonisers. That’s why we fight.


“I am sure you will understand our main emotion, the main call I want to leave in Jeddah, a noble call to all of you to help protect our people including Ukrainian Muslim community.”

He had travelled with the Ukrainian Tatar people who live in Crimea, which is home to a Muslim community.


Zelenskiy continued: “The Crimea and Tatar should remain an integral part of the Muslim community of the world, but Crimea were the first to suffer from the Russian occupation. Most of all, those who have had to suffer the occupation are Muslims.

“Unfortunately there are some among the world, and here among you who turn a blind eye to those cases and illegal annexations. I am here so everyone can take an honest look, no matter how hard the Russians try to influence, there must be independence.”


He thanked Saudi Arabia for helping negotiate the return of prisoners, and mentioned the Arab students who have visited and studied in Ukraine.

Against a backdrop of ongoing discussions around the Black Sea grain deal, which Russia is currently holding out on agreeing, Zelenskiy reminded them of the grain that is grown in Ukraine and sold to the Middle East.


He said was sure none of the other leaders would let another country take their children, as Russia has with forced repatriations of children from east Ukraine, without a “fight”.

“I greet everyone who is ready to join us on the path of justice. Ukraine posted the peace formula to end the war. You can see how it works on the example of food security,” he said. “Even when the war is thrown into our home, we do everything so the homes of other people survive. We managed to launch the Black Sea grain intitative and lift the partial Russian blockade of our ports. This stabilised food markets and helped many, many including the nations of the Arab League.


“It will also help many to return home of all captives and deportees. Each of the honourable delegation was given a document in your language with the points of the peace plan.”


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