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Top Fully-Funded Medical Scholarships Abroad For Nigerian Students



Top Fully-Funded Medical Scholarships Abroad For Nigerian Students can be accessed below.

There are a series of scholarships available for medical students and these scholarships are mostly fully-funded.

Medical students have the opportunity to enjoy fully-funded scholarships at all levels; including scholarships to Ivy League universities.


There are several foreign institutions that initiate scholarship programs for students. These institutions are also for students who haven’t started their journey but are wishing to pursue a career in the medical field.  These institutions keep students’ interests in mind, by liaising with cooperative organizations to annually offer scholarships for both indigenous and non-indigenous students.


Some of these medical scholarship programmes include:

Bayer Foundation Medical 

Fellowships Program: This scholarship program is designed to facilitate collaboration with bodies and organizations as well as provide unique opportunities for personal and professional development.

The opportunity is for medical students in or outside Germany who are interested in master’s and PhD programmes.

Details: Apply here

The John Abernethy (Barts) Scholarship

Scholarship: These scholarships have been designed to assist students who despite their exceptional and solid interests in pursuing a career in the medical/dental field, are unable to undertake the course for financial reasons.


Details: Apply here

Harvard Medical School

Scholarships and Fellowships: The Harvard Medical Scholarship funds both tuition and all the required fees for the beneficiaries.

The support is derived from many resources, most notably from donors. Donations to financial aid are from individuals, foundations and organizations.

Funding for the institutional scholarships is only available for up to eight semesters.


Details: Apply here

National Medical Fellowships

National Medical Fellowships is a national organization solely dedicated to providing scholarships and support to medical and health professions students across all groups under-represented in healthcare.

For details and eligibility, Apply here

There are so many other scholarships available for medical students in various universities. You can start with searching for a university of your choice, then search for available scholarships in their medical departments. This is a good time to start because applicants are now open.


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