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Simple Easy-to-follow SEO Techniques For YouTube Creators

Simple Easy-to-follow SEO Techniques For YouTube Creators

SEO Techniques to help your YouTube channel gain visibility and video views

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of gaining visibility for your contents via Google Search Engine Results Page ( SERP). When you improve the quality of your content using certain SEO techniques, you gain greater exposure and vantage positioning which in-turn translates to traffic, as long as your copy is good.


Google SERP

How do search engines work?

A search engine through a bot known as ‘spider’ or crawler, scans the internet for contents, indexes and stores the contents in a repository so that when any related search term is entered by users on BING or Google search for instance and there is a match with the crawled contents stored in Google’s library otherwise known as search engine, it serves the best corresponding results according to how well the content is optimized as Google ranks contents based on quality and relevance to user intent.

Now, if you want your video to gain exposure and come up when matched with related user intent keywords searched via Google Videos/Youtube search, you should follow these techniques to get your desired results.

Step by Step SEO Tips You Can Try Out Today As A YouTube Content Creator

See the steps you need to follow…

Step 1

Conduct keyword discovery/research and identify a keyword phrase that viewers are searching for.


Step 2

A raw footage will normally come with random filename suggestions such as new.mpeg, video00001.avi, etc. Please, rename your video file using the keyword phrase you identified earlier in step 1.

Step 3

During the process of uploading your video on YouTube, in the space provided for video title, use your targeted keyword phrase naturally in the title. For instance if the keyword phrase is “3 Ways to Write Your Headlines”, the title of your video can be “3 Ways to Write Good Headlines in Nigeria”. It should just be natural and not obvious that you are keyword-stuffing!

Step 4

Optimize your video description with the target keyword. This is the part where you briefly share what the video is all about. While describing the video content, ensure you also use your target keyword naturally. For instance, you can write, “If you ever wondered how to write good headlines, these 3 ways to write headlines is a great resource for you” Noticed the use of the target keyword? Exactly! That’s what you should do too.


Step 5

You will see a section for video tagging. This is meant for you to tag your videos with certain terms that are related to your video. What you should do at this point is to first check the trending section of YouTube videos and identify certain related keywords, then tag your video with those related keywords which you found in the titles of the videos listed. Although YouTube may write that tagging plays a minimal role, this does not mean it does not play any role at all. Take note!


Step 6

Properly categorize your video to fit in the right section.


Step 7.

Content creators use this technique a lot since it truly works. Here, you need to upload a high resolution and catchy thumbnail image albeit, you should avoid click bait. Don’t have picture of a lion on the design while content of video is a cat. This may hurt the credibility of channel irrecoverably.


Step 8

Lastly, please add some video elements like subtitle/captions.

This can be tedious, but like the saying goes “No pain, no gain”, it will be nice to have captions in your video for a richer and robust user experience.



Now that you have completed these steps, publish the video and create some buzz around it via other owned social media platforms. If there are other SEO techniques  I did not include, kindly share in comments section.

Good luck Champ!