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RMD Reveals Why Clocking 60 Is A Big Deal(Video)

RMD Reveals Why Clocking 60 Is A Big Deal



Veteran Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe Damijo- RMD, has revealed why it was a rare privilege clocking 60, and he plans to celebrate it in a big way.

According to actor cum producer his parents never had such opportunity before they passed away, adding that the feeling of joining the sexagenarian class was a big deal for him.


RMD disclosed this in an interview #WithChude hosted by Red Media Africa, which was shared on social media on Tuesday.

The Nollywood icon who will be 60 in July admitted that it was a relief to have broken the yoke that proved unbreakable for his parents.


Recounting his experience, the actor stated that he was constantly haunted and burdened emotionally on why his parents died without attaining 60 years of age.

RDM’s father died at 58 while his mum died at 59.


Speaking further, RMD said many people did not know why he had to slim down at a point, adding that he was always doubting if he could ever cross the milestone of 60.

“Many people don’t know why I had to go on a weight loss. My parents were both diabetic and hypertensive. I didn’t want to be hypertensive and diabetic. I want to be healthier and give myself a fighting chance to change the whole cycle.”



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