Social media has been very instrumental in changing the lives of people after their interesting stories or lifestyle becomes public knowledge.

Just recently, a young girl and her mother went viral after photos of them made the rounds on social media. There is nothing special about the photos of a mother with her daughter but this particular family possessed unique features.

After their photos went viral, a popular photographer, Mofe Bamuyiwa, got in touch with them to capture their beautiful features.

New photos of Risiqot, Kaosarat and her younger sister, Hassanat, were posted and social media users could not help but gush over them.

The photographer revealed that the mother and her children were sent away by her husband because of their eyes.

Risiqot also revealed to the photographer that Hassanat had a twin brother who had brown eyes, but he passed on.

The young mother was also said to have revealed that she is not willing to change her eyes colour from blue to brown even if the technology was invented for it.

See their transformation photos below:

Risikat who is from Kwara state, went viral recently after a Nigerian lady shared the story of how Risikat’s husband walked out of their marriage and their daughters because they have blue eyes.


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