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PFN Ask Isa Pantami To Step Aside For Investigation



Editor Nigeria gathered that the Chairman of the Financial Accountability Council of the Pentocostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Bishop Charles Ighele, has advised the embattled Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, to step aside for proper investigations to be conducted over the allegations of his link to terrorist organisations.

Ighele also called on the Presidency to investigate the allegations levelled against the minister.


While describing security as a sensitive matter that should be handled with all the seriousness it deserves, the cleric urged the government to establish the facts surrounding Pantami’s case even if the matter in question took place before his elevation to his current office.

He said, “The Federal Government should not treat the issue with kid gloves, they should dig deeper and establish the fact surrounding the Minister’s alleged romance with terror groups before his appointment to office. “Government needs to get more information from international community.


“The issues involved here are so serious that you are never going to convince the United States, Britain and other international community that you are fighting terrorism.

“It is very possible that he has repented of that extra Islamic attitude. But many people might not be convinced that he has repented. Ditto for security agencies and the international community. They might think that he wants to remain in office, that’s why he said what he has said so far.


The cleric further said, “For the sake of the nation and citizens, the Minister should step aside. There are things that for the sake of the society and nation you forego. So, the Federal Government may believe him but the international community won’t. I think it is more honourable for Pantami, a Muslim cleric himself, to resign, as a token of his remorse for what he said years before.

“The minister should take a cue from the former Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, who honourably resigned when the occasion was loudest.


There are times that public opinion is powerful but all I know is that what will give him honour is to resign. But if he chooses to remain in office and his tenure expires, he has lost the honour forever and the international community will not respect him too. So, he has to choose between the office that may not last between now and two years or resign now and gain honour forever. If I should counsel him, I’ll ask him to resign.”


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