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Paul Refers To Peter’s Wife, Lola As Being A “Manipulative Pretender”



Birthday Post: Paul Reacts To Peter’s Wife, Lola Post.

Singer Paul Okoye has attacked his twin brother’s wife Lola Omotayo-Okoye over her birthday post on Wednesday.


The father of three took to his Instastories to express his mind about Lola’s post.

“At the age of almost 50 you still think you can still be manipulative and always trying to be in control as usual… well I’m not there anymore, Jude also is not there anymore which was exactly how you wanted it,” he wrote.


“Aunty for 4 years we haven’t spoken, but every 18th of November you come out as usual to type shit.. and they end saying aww she’s a good woman.
“Meanwhile they don’t know the evil things you do behind closed doors…while in the outside you are trying to portray angel. Anyways it’s social media era, what do I expect.

Next year will come again you’ll still come and type shit.
“You know me very well, and you know I don’t pretend so continue doing what you are doing, you don cast finish already… no need to expose you.. that’s why I’ve never said anything because it’s family….let your guilt deal with you.”


On Wednesday Peter’s wife Lola celebrated the twins who turned 39 in an Instagram post.

“Hmmm….to the twins @peterpsquare @iamkingrudy whether you like it or not, you are brothers; you are not only brothers, you are TWINS! I wish you both a very happy birthday! Life is short, make the best of it! Respect and Love should be sacrosanct!” she wrote.


Peter and Paul split as a group in 2017.

They have gone solo as Peter now performs as Mr.P and Paul as Rude boy or King Rudy.


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