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‘Osinachi’s Husband Spat On Her, Poured Water On Her While Asleep, Flogged Her And Children’



•Her friend also reveals three reasons she didn’t quit marriage

I called Police to arrest him because he was celebrating her death


My last conversation with Osinachi — Pastor EnencheRun, Father Oluoma tells women in life-threatening marriages

Catholic Church allows separation on account of violence — Archbishop Adewale


• No woman is allowed to bring destruction to herself in the name of keeping her marriage — Islamic scholars

Enduring a long-term abusive marriage can be quite exhausting, as a result of the huge emotional cost and constant fear of physical assault.


Since the news broke of the unfortunate death of celebrity gospel music star, Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu, from pulmonary ailments penultimate Friday, the horrors she endured in her marriage of roughly 10 years to Peter Nwachukwu from Ukpor community in Anambra state came to light.

In many quarters, it is believed that her death was due to excessive beating and other inhuman treatments by her husband.


As a member of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC) which is headquartered in Abuja, Osinachi led worship ministrations across national and international platforms.

However, the ugly story of her toxic marriage has challenged both the culture of silence in most abusive marriages and the doctrine of divorce in church circles.


With Osinachi’s husband now in security custody for allegations of culpable homicide related to her death, many people who knew the couple closely both as worshippers in DIGC and as a private family share some of their exclusive experiences with the Nwachukwus.

Also, some renowned clerics, including Rev. Fr. John Chinenye Oluoma a.k.a. Fada Oluoma, Pastor Paul Enenche of DIGC, amongst others have weighed in on the basic dilemma faced by many women who seem trapped in very abusive marriages.


When 38-year-old Glory was told about two weeks ago that Osinachi, her bosom friend, had began experiencing severe chest pain, little did she know that it was the beginning of the health challenge that would claim her life.

At the onset of the sickness, no one in Osinachi’s close circle, including her younger brother who resides somewhere in Lugbe district of Abuja,  could figure out what the severe chest pain that was linked with her vomiting blood was all about.


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