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Ondo Deputy Governor, Agboola Ajayi May Resign This Week – Source



The Ondo State Deputy Governor, Agboola Ajayi, may resign from his position this week.

Recall that the governorship candidate of the Zenith Labour Party was defeated in the October 10 election in Ondo State.


Ajayi before the election had dumped the All Progressives Congress in June for the Peoples Democratic Party but failed to clinch the party’s ticket before moving to the ZLP.
There are indication that Ajayi maybe forced to resign from office or be impeached by the state House of Assembly.

Some sources noted that the Ondo State Deputy Governor might turn in his resignation to the Speaker before end of this week.
There are reported that some of his friends have advised him to resign.
A top official who spoke with The Nation revealed that some steps are taken to impeached Ajayi if he fails to resign.


The official said Ajayi allies in the Assembly were already caving in to sign the impeachment notice.
According to an ally of Ajayi: “From all we have seen, the game has ended and there is no way anyone can continue the fight; we have reached the end of the road as far as this governorship issue is concerned.”

“We have had a review of the circumstances of our performance and honestly, our conclusion was that we undermined Akeredolu and overrated our candidate’s capacity to raise funds and mobilise resources for the battle.”


“The most worrisome was not just the result from the South, but his own local government where he was roundly embarrassed.”
“Prior to the election, we were assured by our candidate and even our national leader-Mimiko was confident based on the assurances from Agboola Ajayi that there were more than enough resources for the battle.”

“But we became very uncomfortable when on Wednesday our candidate began to develop clay foot upon enquiries from Mimiko to raise some funds for the immediate day preceding the election.”


“From all indications, Mimiko is unhappy because he was deceived into the project to fight his longtime friend and you know the implications of such a risk.”
“Those of us who are close to deputy have advised him to honourably resign before he is disgraced because we foresee a forceful removal and you guys know how brutal Akeredolu can be when he fights.

The man may no longer enjoy any public sympathy.”
“We reached out to some of the deputy Governor’s friends,  including one of his northern Governor friend and persons
of goodwill have advised him accordingly that he should resign.”


“We wanted to play a card and prove point with his presence as a sitting deputy governor running against the Governor and defeating him but all that is of no effect any longer so there is no point heating up the polity.”


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