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Oga Bello Sheds Tears Of Joy As Children Present Car Gift For 70th Birthday



Oga Bello, name, Adebayo Salami alias , a veteran actor, is a lucky man. His children have presented him with a car gift, as encomiums for the renowned thespian continue to flow in on his 70th birthday.

One of his kids, Femi Adebayo, posted a video of the presentation on his Instagram account, writing: “I’ve always known my father to be a disciplinarian.

My Dad never cries, but he couldn’t contain his emotions today. I’m overjoyed that Daddy was able to see this occasion and that he helped us deliver this gift.”

Similarly, Tope Adebayo, his brother, posted a photo of the car with the message, “As gifted by the entire Adebayo Salami children for his 70th Birthday Celebration.”


Oga Bello was emotional as his children led him to the gift, in the company of family and friends.


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