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Npower: October Stipend Will Be Paid After All Issues Are Rectified

October stipend will be paid to Npower Batch C Volunteers only after issues surrounding September stipend is being rectified.

As we speak a whole lot of Npower Batch C Volunteers are yet to receive September stipend and it would not be fair paying October stipend at the moment.

October stipend will commence when issues such as “no payment data”, “payment failed” and other issues around payment is fully resolved.

All Npower Batch C Volunteers are advised to exercise a great deal of patience while the N-Power NASIMS management resolve their issues, Npower NASIMS is aware of all issues faced by Npower Batch C Volunteers and will treat all issues surrounding payments generally.

Npower volunteers have been advised to maintain frequent communication with NASIMS regarding issues of payment and avoid false informations online.

All Npower Batch C Volunteers will be paid as the N-Power program progresses even if you are not paid now, please keep going to your PPA you will definitely be paid your backlogs provided your account details you supplied initially were correct.