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NIPOST Imposes New Charges On Courier Services



NIPOST, the managers of our good old “Post Office” recently released a memo that might change how delivery businesses run. The memo list new license fees that logistic companies must pay in order to run their businesses legally.

The Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) is a unit under the Federal Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy. NIPOST has offices in almost every city in the country and is where locals usually go to send mail and receive parcels.


According to the memo, international courier services like DHL, FEDEX and UPS are required to pay a fee of 20m Naira for a new license and 8m annually for renewal. The next category (Logistics with the country), are required to pay 10m Naira and 4m Naira for annual renewal. For regional delivery, companies will pay 5m Naira and 2m Naira for renewal. NIPOST listed 6 categories of courier and logistics companies. Below is an image of the memo gotten from the internet.

Earlier this year, a move by the Lagos state government to ban motorcycle taxi (Okada) meant a total U-turn for startups running motorcycle taxi. Companies like Gokada, Opay and Max had their own apps that connect Okada riders with passengers.


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