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Nigerians Drag Channels TV’s Seun Okinbaloye Over “Poor Grilling’ OF Malami



Attorney General of the federation and minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, was recently a guest at Channels television. Channels TV host, Seun Okinbaloye took up the duty to interview the minister.

However, many Nigerians are of the view that Seun Okinbaloye is not an intelligent host as he failed to ask sensitive and vital questions. They felt Malami should have been grilled with so many big questions in relation to Nigeria’s current situation.


Here are some interesting tweets concerning Seun ‘s interview:

Lee tweeted: Seun Okinbaloye should resign and go home
His interviews on channels this days is nothing to write home about, very annoying, asking baby questions instead of reasonable and challenging questions
If you’re scared then stop doing interviews


Another tweet read: They give little or nothing but feel so entitled. Spare parts sellers rent shops, buy landed properties, pay taxes, kill no one, rapes no one. But those who destroy alcohol and still enjoy its tax revenues from other state are making weak comparisons, Seun you are not doing well!

Channels TV tweeted: On the issue of banning grazing, the AGF asks if you deny the rights of a Nigerian citing the example of Northern governors coming together to ban the trade of spare parts in the north. Does it hold water.


Nigerians on Twitter were displeased with such comparison and called it a weak one.

OG tweeted: That was a very poor comparison.. selling of Spare parts does not lead to insecurity… but open grazing clearly does, Seun just didn’t point that out.


A.zed tweeted: And this is my biggest frustration with Seun. He gets the biggest newsmakers on his show but rarely challenges them nor does he ask intelligent follow up questions.

Anybody – Malami, Fayose, Gumi – can come on his show, make the most ludicrous claims & Seun will let it slide


It’s obvious from tweets that Seun lacks the skills required of a good host. Do you think so?


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