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‘Na Fela Teach Us Work’ – Comedian AY Reacts To Claim Of Calling Seun Kuti’s Daughter A Dog



Nigerian standup comedian, Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, has responded to claims of calling the daughter of Grammy-nominated Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti, a dog.

The Editor reported that Seun accused AY of cracking jokes about his altercation with police, and prison ordeal and even portrayed his daughter as a “dog.”


Speaking during an Instagram Live session, Kuti berated AY for his actions, describing him as unfunny”, “dry goat with a smelly mouth.”

He claimed that everyone in the entertainment industry knows AY has mouth odour.


The musician alleged that AY is a woman beater and stated none of his children would respect him.

In a video via his social media page on Thursday, AY stated that as someone who had looked for a child for 13 years, he would not mock any human or a child.


He made reference to a skit he recorded in June where he referred to a dog as ‘Hilda’, claiming the joke was due to the backlash Hilda Baci and Enioluwa suffered for eating dog meat in Akwa Ibom state.

On the claim of having mouth odour, the filmmaker said he has never had close contact with Seun and wonders how he came to the conclusion that he has mouth odour.


Speaking further, AY said people with a good sense of humour will not take issues about jokes seriously.

He also referenced how Seun’s father, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, attacked and made fun of politicians with his songs and comments, adding that comedians learnt from him.


He said, “I am someone who has looked for a child for 13 years and I don’t think I will find myself in a position to mock another living being as a child and refer to that child as a dog. Concerning the skit I made in June, I want to categorically say that as a standup comedian, we run comedy on various social activities and trending issues. But I have come to understand that in Nigeria, people now take comedians seriously and politicians jokers, if you are familiar with my comedy, I do a lot of stage dramas, and we just talk about trending issues.

“I talked about fuel subsidy, which was removed at the time, and same time Hilda Baci and Eniola were both trending for eating dog and a woman called them out and made a joke about it. If anybody should have taken offence, it should be Hilda Baci but she saw it as a sense of humour and joke. There is no way I will refer to your son or daughter as a dog. As a matter of fact, there was nothing like a child in the video. I should be angry with you for calling me out to reject a national award and it was everywhere, but I didn’t take offence I just accepted it. You have travelled far and wide, your sense of humour should be more open to jokes. You throw shade, and nobody responds to you. Your father attacked and made fun of politicians, and many accepted it as a joke. Na your papa teach us work nah.


“People make jokes about me and I laugh over it because I know they don’t mean it. You said earlier that you are happy that my house got burnt but I ignored you and you are saying it again, the the most important thing is that I’m still alive. The same God that kept me alive will give me another one. I accept the joke of you saying I beat my wife, but you cannot accept it. Seun you said my mouth dey smell abeg tell me we don kiss before? I have never met you before on a close-range.”


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