Doyin Okupe, a former senior special assistant on public affairs to former President Goodluck Jonathan, says his son Bolu Okupe’s presence in the gay community is for a godly mission.

Mr Okupe stated this in a recent interview with VanguardLive TV’s The Controversy.



Bolu, 27, revealed his sexual disposition in January via Instagram clad in a rainbow-coloured underwear and holding a similar fabric.

Okupe, however, said in the interview: “He is on a sojourn in the LGBT community in order to be an instrument of God to them. By the grace of God, that is what is going to happen.”

The co-founder of Royal Cross Medical Centre explained that his family had always known about his son’s sexuality and he believes that he got the influence after living abroad for a long time.

He said, “We have always known. We have always known that Bolu is like that and Bolu is even much more than that. It’s incredible what children are capable of doing. Unknown to me, although the other siblings were aware, Bolu had designed his life.


“He never intended to live in Nigeria and I never knew. Unfortunately for me, his mother took him abroad very early, he did a major part of his secondary school in the UK. So, Bolu thinks and lives European. He is my son but his mind is European.”

Okupe, who admitted that he regrets sending his son to Europe also said he is over the initial shock of his son’s coming out and he believes that God knows why it happened.