Ms. Laetitia Naankang Dagan, an Assistant Director at the State House, Abuja, was assassinated on Monday night by unidentified persons in her apartment.


The Permanent Secretary, State House, Abuja, Jalal Arabi, disclosed this on Tuesday, February 18. He said 47-year Dagan from Plateau State, worked in her office on Monday till 8pm, but by 11pm, she was gruesomely murdered in her apartment by unidentified persons.


Asorock Assistant Director assassinated in her apartment by unidentified persons


He described the killing of Dagan, Assistant Director of Administration in the State House, as “a painful loss, not only to her immediate family, but also the entire State House.”


Arabia said to the deceased’s family members while paying them a condolence visit: “She was a dedicated, hard-working officer, and we all feel pained by her dastardly and untimely death.”


He added: “We all share in your grief and pains, but be consoled by the fact that she lived a good life and contributed her best to the services of her nation.”


Arabi expressed confidence that “the Police will fish out the killers of Laetitia and the law will take its course.”


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