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JAMB 2022: Starting, Closing Dates for Change of Institutions and Courses For Admission



JAMB 2022 Starting, Closing Dates for Change of Institutions and Courses For Admission 2022 has been announced.



This is the answer to your question: Is JAMB’s change of institutions on or has it started/opened? , change of institution on JAMB 2022,  Change of course starting date , Change of institution closing date , change of course , change of Some candidates who seem to know that the form is on are asking to know the closing date.

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If for one reason or the other you think you must change institutions, you may want to know if the form has opened or the closing date so you can know, to what extent you need to wait before you effect the changes.


Important Warnings On Change of Institutions


Below are what you must know:


JAMB change of institution form is now OUT on sales. You can immediately proceed to your JAMB profile and effect the change of institutions. See how to do it yourself.

You may proceed to any of the centers opening now for your change of institutions/courses.

JAMB 2022: Starting, Closing Dates for Change of Institutions and Courses (2022/2023)
JAMB notice telling candidates to go to CBT centres for changes


You can also request appointments with the JAMB office to do your change of institutions and courses. JAMB offices will open nationwide, as soon as all JAMB results are released, for candidates to solve one problem or the others, including the change of institutions and courses.



More so…

  1. JAMB Change of institutions goes with the change of courses and other data. This means, while changing the institutions, you can also change courses, dates of birth, gender, state/local government. This will be counted as one change. But if you change them separately, it will be counted as two.
  2. Meanwhile, you’re NO MORE limited to one change this year 2022. In other words, if you do change once, you could keep changing from one institution or course to the other if you can afford to pay for it UP TO THREE OR MORE TIMES. I explained this in detail in my post, “How to Do Change Institutions/Courses the Third or More Times”.
  3. Change of name, and date of birth can only be done at a CBT center though. Cafes can only change institutions. courses, State, Local government, and Gender ONLY IF THEY CONNECT WITH AN ACCREDITED CBT CENTRES – which is unofficial.
    1. JAMB’s change of institutions will never close until the admission year ends. Having said that, the change of institutions to a particular school may close as soon as that school starts selling its post UTME/screening form or when its form closes.

    Why You Don’t Have to Rush to Change

    Most candidates rush to effect change institutions/courses as they see their JAMB results released. This is not recommended. Why?

      1. In the 2022 admission year, JAMB has allowed the change of institution and courses more than THREE times. Hence, if you mistake in the first change, you will be able to effect any change again up to three times.
      2. You are allowed to change to many schools even when the admission forms/post UTMEs are on sale for those schools. Hence, if you give it time, you will know, precisely, the cut-off mark each institution wants before changing to it. You will get this better if you need, “I Scored Low in JAMB, What Can I do Next?”
    1. Another reason to avoid rushing to do the change of institution is because of open admissions opportunities that may come your way before the admission year ends. If you slow down, you won’t be wasting your money changing from one school to the other.


    When Will the Change of Institutions and Courses Close?

    Having stated, above that, the change of schools and courses won’t close until the admission year ends, change of institutions and courses won’t close for many schools until they end their post-UTMEs/screenings. To have an idea of when admission will close this year, check “Admission Starting and Closing Dates by JAMB and Schools”. I might have updated it for the current admission year.

    However, some schools will instruct JAMB to stop the change of institutions to them immediately after they start selling their post UTME forms or a few days before the closing date. This set of schools usually uploads the list of candidates that chose or changed to them to their school admission portals before candidates can register on the portal. Hence, they will stop accepting new changes to avoid late uploading or some delays in the uploading. FUNAAB did this in the year 2021.

    Some schools will still accept changes when their forms are already on sale. These include Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), University of Benin (UNIBEN), University of Lagos (UNILAG), University of Ibadan (UI), University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), Lagos State University (LASU), Federal University Oye Ekiti, Osun State University (UNIOSUN), Federal Polytechnic Ede, Federal Polytechnic Offa, Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH), etc.


    How To Approach Change of Institutions and Courses


    Since we all know it has opened or is on sale already, we’re sure too, that, it will not close across the year. Only that once a school form is closed, her change of institution close too. Then, we need the patience to know how the admission exercise will go for the year before we do any changes.

    Follow the suggestions below on your change the institutions before the closing date and at the right time.

    1. Check your JAMB results. In fact, recheck some weeks later. (We have got occasions where JAMB increased or reduced marks in the past).
    2. Now, wait for your schools to announce their post UTME cut-off marks. Some schools have static (fixed) cut-off marks no matter what. For them, you may not wait for a different announcement again. UI, UNLAG, UNIBEN, OAU, and a few others will not accept less than 200. However, some schools are so dynamic that they can change forth and back. Some consider lower marks for certain courses and higher for some e.g, UNIOSUN, FUNAAB, UNILORIN, etc. For these universities, you should wait for them to announce their required marks. Then, you can see where to change if you have to change at all.
    3. Without wasting money, you can take advantage of open admission chances. If your original institution doesn’t give you admission, use one or two chances left for that.

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