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It’s Sad Nigerians Now Pay Taxes, Levies To Terrorists, Bandits — Lagos Archbishop Adewale Martins



In his Easter message, the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Olawale Martins, lamented that the insecurity in the country has degenerated to the level Nigerians now pay taxes and other levies to terrorists, bandits and other criminals, failure of which their lives are terminated.

“Does it not surprise you that the government has abdicated its responsibilities to protect the lives and property of the people?  Non-state actors, such as terrorists, bandits and kidnappers are successfully enforcing payment of taxes and levies on innocent and struggling Nigerians when the government cannot even make people pay taxes.


“Life has become so short and brutish that no one is sure who is the next victim.  Hunger has taken over the land because people cannot go to farms anymore and the government is displaying helplessness in protecting the people.  However, in the midst of this despair, there is hope that God will reverse the situation for us all.’’

Archbishop Martins wondered why government exists when it cannot protect the lives of Nigerians and rekindle hope in their nation.


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