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‘I’m Drained’- Lepacious Bose Reacts To Death Of Comedian Peteru



Lepacious Bose has reacted to the death of popular Ibadan comedian, Peteru.

Recall the news of Peteru’s death broke this morning and has left the comic world in cold.

Though Peteru died yesterday, the news of his death only filtered in this morning.

Many of his colleagues have taking to social media to mourn him, wondering what could have happened to a happy jovial fellow.


Just a month ago, Peteru held a talk of town burial for his late father.

Also mourning the comedian, Lepacious Bose says she is truly drainned now. She says the deaths are getting too much and it’s making her really week at the same time.

She wrote: Another one????I

All these deaths leave me weak….


No naaaaa!!!!

I am tired!

I am drained!!!

I am weak!!!


Just too many bad news back to back it’s crazy and crumbling!

Father Lord can we just have a break from all this pain and sadness this season?

I seem to be crying more than am laughing….

Am really tired 💔💔💔💔💔


I just want to sleep for a very long time and hopefully everything will be back to normal when I wake up 💔💔💔

Like a candle in the wind…..”


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