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How to Send WhatsApp Messages for free without data

How to Send WhatsApp Messages for free without data

How to Send WhatsApp Messages for free without data

How can I use WhatsApp for free without data?

If you have ever asked this question, you are on the right page for the answer. You can actually use WhatsApp for free by toggling and switching.  This is a legit yet clever trick to send messages via when you are suddenly out of data balance. Follow this simple trick to learn

How To Send WhatsApp Messages For Free Without Data

and you will be amazed when it works.

WhatsApp loophole was discovered which allows people on certain mobile networks to send messages for free without data. The hack was discovered by a student who was out of data and started fiddling with his mobile device to send an important message.

The hack worked and has been shared ever since. Now a lot of people have now figured out the ingenious way to send one another WhatsApp messages even after their data had run out.

The steps to sending the WhatsApp messages without data are simple:

  1. Turn off the data connection
    2. Compose and send a WhatsApp
    3. Turn the data connection back on, and keep toggling it on and off until you see the message delivered.

By turning Flight Mode (or “Airplane Mode” in this case) on and off repeatedly, you disconnect and reconnect the network. The same effect can be achieved by turning mobile data off and on or restarting the phone.


The Editor Nigeria confirmed that a correspondent from iHarare who tested the method found out that the trick works randomly and is not reliable for real-time conversations due to its unreliability and delays.
Sending a single message could take minutes, and there was no chance of having a real-time conversation or doing something else while waiting for a response.

Tests showed it is possible to send WhatsApp messages through a mobile network without paying – but also that you can get WhatsApp data cheap.


But after experiments, it can confirm that there is indeed a method to send text messages over one mobile network – MTN – without any data or a WhatsApp-specific bundle.
The good news is that MTN is aware that this is possible, and seems to have no plans to close what it says is not, in fact, a loophole.

Should you not be on MTN, you can take advantage of the offline message feature that WhatsApp offers.

Whenever the internet connection is disrupted during a WhatsApp Chat, you can continue typing your message and hit the send button after completing your Message.

When you hit the send button while you are offline, the message does not actually leave your Phone, the WhatsApp Message stays on your Phone and gets automatically delivered to your Contact, whenever your Phone gets connected to the internet.