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How To Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death Problem

How To Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death Problem

Got a black screen of death issue with you Apple iPhone? We are in this together don’t worry! Come along…



It can be a really scary experience in these hard times considering that inflation is on the high in Nigeria to have one’s smartphone whether an android or iOS build, faulty.


I understand because I have been there.

I was on a phone call with a friend sometime in June 2021 and I just could not hear anything again and so I felt it must
be network issues.



Upon checking the phone, I realized the screen was black and I thought it must be that the phone rebooted.

I pressed the power button , no response, hit the home key, still no response. I became agitated as I know the financial implication of sending the iPhone for repairs or having to buy a new phone.


While fiddling with the phone, I stumbled upon a solution, though because of my religious piety, permit me to ascribe the ‘stumble upon’ as an act of God.

However, the fact remains that I got the solution and the phone came back up.

How I fixed my Apple iPhone Stuck on Black Screen of Death

Although the black screen could be a result of many issues such the installation of a malicious app, hardware issue or just basic firmware problems.

A likely quick fix will be to do a hard reset.

To try the hard reset, note that this is application to iPhone 8 models or earlier. Unplug the iPhone if it is plugged, then press and hold the power button, home button and the volume keys all at once.
Keep tapping on them until you see the Apple logo come up. If nothing still, plug in the phone to power supply, and wait another five minutes to repeat the step.

If your iPhone does not have a home button, you likely have a newer model (iPhone X or newer). To hard reset fix your iPhone black screen, press and release volume up button, then press and release volume down button, then press and hold power button until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

Unable to see the get the Black Screen out still? Please drop some comments in the space provided below and I will respond to you personally.

Apart from on the, You can also get resources elsewhere online on how to fix the iPhone Black Screen of Death Issue 

Good luck!