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How to find your lost android phone

How to find your lost android phone

Carlcare service online has shared with owners of Tecno and Infinix phones on the best ways track and find a lost android phone. Please follow these simple and easy steps to recover your android phone. If none of these steps work immediately for you, please try again.





Here’s what you should do!

  1. Use a Strong Phone Lock Option.

We must address this first. Using your names, birth date, or pet names is not advised. You can choose to use either a PIN, Pattern, Password, Biometrics (Fingerprint/Face Recognition Unlock), or all the above now.

With Passwords, it’s in your best interest that you combine letters, numbers, and other special characters. The longer they are, the better.

Also, extend this Lock to your most important Apps.

  1. Enable “Find my Device” on your Android device.

Open Settings > Google > Security and select Find My Device; It is an anti-theft app by Google that comes with your phone. You can remotely lock, and wipe your phone or see its location on a map.

  1. Back up Everything.

It’s important to have your data saved. Using a Cloud service, or memory card, back up all relevant information.


Chances of getting your stolen or lost smartphone back may be slim, but not at all impossible. Your stolen or lost Infinix, TECNO or itel phone can be tracked by the following means;


As previously mentioned, you can remotely lock and track a lost phone using this option. Since your smartphone is unavailable, visit the Find my device site using a PC or any other device.


Next, sign in with the same Gmail account on your lost Android phone. Once the page opens, it shows your device’s name & the last time it was seen online. You may then use the menu on the Find My Device site to search.

Opt to Play Sound, Secure the device by Locking it or, erase it entirely (after this the phone can no longer be tracked).

In addition to locking the phone with the Secure Device option, you can also display a message on your phone’s screen to connect with whoever took it. The lock will prevent the thief or phone handler from gaining access to your mobile money apps etc. Google indicates that a phone can be located even though it’s locked.

When found, you’ll be required to unlock the phone for access.


Every smartphone has got its own IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity – number. It is a unique set of 15 digits used (as the name indicates) to identify devicesYou may track a phone with its own IMEI using applications available online.
Follow these steps;

STEP 1 Go to Google Play, type IMEI tracker in the search box & install IMEI tracker-Find my device.


STEP 2 Grant permissions to the application. Carefully read through the instructions & fill in all details requested.

STEP 3 Using the phone’s IMEI number, its location can be tracked easily and will appear on the screen.

Credit- Carlcare Limited

If you are still unable to find your lost android phone despite following the steps here, please contact the Police.