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Governor Fayemi signs legislative, judiciary autonomy bills into law


Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State on Friday signed the recently passed Legislative (Fund Management) Bill and the Judiciary (Fund Management) Bill into law.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that four other bills signed into law by the governor are: Creation of Local Government Areas (amendment) Bill; Office of the Attorney General Bill; Consumer Protection Bill; and the Economic Development Council bill.

Fayemi said that the enactment of the bills into law would not only assist in improving governance, but codify existing arrangements between the three arms of government on revenue allocation.

He said that the signing reaffirmed the commitment of his administration to good governance, transparency, fair and equal opportunity for development by all communities in the state.

Fayemi said the Legislative (Fund Management) Bill and the Judiciary (Fund Management) Bill were to provide for the self-management of funds by the State Legislature and the Judiciary.

These bills are proposed in furtherance of the Memorandum of Action and the implementation of the financial autonomy for the State legislature and judiciary.

“It was jointly signed by the Nigeria Governors Forum, the Conference of Speakers and the National Judicial Council, among others on May 20.

“It will enhance the vision of my administration for a self- sustaining three arms of government that work as equals even if separately for the delivery of good governance to the people of Ekiti State.

“I should add that for us, these bills are not simply about allocating or sharing revenue.

“They provide an opportunity for the
three arms of government to constantly interface on how our limited resources can be best managed.

“Also how to grow the resources to meet the many and evolving needs of our people across the state,” he said.

The governor said the creation of Local Government (Amendment) bill was a law for the creation of additional 19 local government areas in Ekiti State.

“I am of the firm opinion that the creation of LCDAs is necessary and important to the socio economic and political development of Ekiti State.

“What is important at this moment is that the beneficiary communities of the 19 newly created LCDAs will work with government to make a success of this initiative.

“For emphasis, achieving the efficient functioning of the LCDAs cannot be the exclusive responsibility of government.

“Beneficiary communities must see themselves as active partners in the development of the LCDAS.

“After signing this into law, the next stage is to formalise the institutional delivery of the 19 LCDAS.

On the office of the Attorney-General bill, Fayemi said it was sought to achieve an integrated and efficient Ministry of Justice that provided professional legal and legislative services to the government and people of Ekiti State.

According to him, gaining the confidence of our citizens in the administration of justice has been a priority agenda for his administration.

“The office of the Attorney-General’s law will ensure that our interventions in the justice sector are preserved.

“Our goal is to make sure that successive governments build on what we have achieved thus far,” he said.

Fayemi said the Consumer Protection law would promote and protect the rights of consumers in Ekiti State.

“It is noteworthy that the law provides a framework for aggrieved citizens to seek redress against unfair trade practices and the unscrupulous exploitation of consumers.”

The governor directed the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industries to immediately put in place modalities for the implementation of the law.

Fayemi said the 6th bill on the the Economic Development Council was to facilitate economic growth and business competitiveness of Ekiti State by establishing the Economic Development Council.

According to him, the objective is to promote partnership and collaboration between the public and private sector.

“In enacting this law, we have listened to many suggestions from the private sector on the need for closer engagement and interaction with relevant public institutions.

“This law formally acknowledges the very important role of the private sector in the economic development of Ekiti State.

“We envisage that this partnership will create a more efficient business environment that will be attractive to local and foreign investors,” he added.

Fayemi commended members of the House of Assembly for the vigour with which they set about the task of law making.

There is no doubt that this constructive partnership is largely responsible for the many firsts that Ekiti state has recorded in the area of good governance,” he said.