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Glo In Trouble As Disenchanted Customer Calls Out Network Over Poor Network And Service




Telecommunication is the means of electronic transmission of information over distances. The information may be in form of message, voice telephone calls, data to access internet, image or video. A good business organization or company either public or private in the telecommunication industry must take its business serious and above expectation of their customers within the respective jurisdiction.
This is necessary considering the stiff competition in the telecommunication industry as a result of technology advancement. A company that produces a product or services in the telecommunication industry must stand on its feet to meet the challenges of competition in order to protect the corporate image of the organisation. In any type of business offering to their clients, there’s need to provide the needful to their target customers so as to achieve the desired objective.

This is also applicable to telecommunication companies in Nigeria, like Global Communication  (GLO) Limited. They shouldn’t manage the business as they presently do. To be frank, the company is really deceiving and depressing their subscribers, especially here in Bauchi. People are engaged into a contract with the company with the aim of achieving their needful, but the network is so bad to the extent that, for one to make a call is very difficult.
The situation situation is usually no service, or emergency call is over which always made the customers “unavailable” , “not reachable”, “the number you are calling does not exist please check the number and dial again.” This kind of poor service should come to an end.

To be honest, Glo is always serving their customers with poor, bad network that is unsolicited because of the unusefulness of the network to the  customers. The relationship between the two parties involved (Glo/customers) can be seen as a contract which is inalienable to prospective customers and make the company to lose many of their clients.

To meet the challenges of competition in the telecommunication industry, the company has to formulate policies that would protect its corporate image and prevent the loss of customers.
However, the oxygen that keeps the fire burning is  inaction by the Federal Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy and the company itself.
There’s lack of proper communication with the customers on the difficulties either from the company or from the regulatory body. In such situations, there’s need to inform customers on measures the put in place in order to clear doubts.


Many times GLO subscribers can spend up to 24 hours without network (no service/emergency call) to communicate talk less of using data to access internet.

Glo network has many obstacles whenever you want to use the network, and it’s obviously that Glo network is very poor almost every day.
Many people ask me, “Salmanu, your phone is always switched off or not reachable,” but since I know where the problem is, I usually respond, “it’s network problem”. On 27/28 August we spent over 24 hours without network in Bauchi metropolis and environ.

The Minister Communication and Digital Economy,  Dr. Isah Ali Ibrahim Pantami, through the National Communication Commission (NCC) should sanction any inefficient telecommunication company. I urge the minister as a matter of urgency to look into the matter and address the uncertainty.

I advise the Global Communication company to reprimand the culprits responsible for its poor services. The company should know that providing good services could attract more  customers especially here in Bauchi state.


Salmanu Idris Dajin
Bauchi, Bauchi state08074765693



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