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Frustrated Woman Goes N3ked In Bank Over Scarcity Of Naira Notes (VIDEO)



A frustrated Nigeria woman has stripped herself n3ked in one of the leading commercial banks over lingering scarcity of new and old Naira notes.

The Editor Nigeria reports that a woman has stripped herself following the scarcity of naira notes in a Nigerian bank.

In a video shared on the internet, the woman was seen asking the bank to close down her account and return her money to her because her children have not been able to attend school.

She was seen with a bra and skirts, in a way to demonstrate her displeasure to the officials of the bank and to probably get them to listen to her yearnings.


This is coming on the heels of the cash scarcity that has hit Nigeria due to the change of naira notes. For some days, people have been unable to access cash even in banks. Many had deposited their old naira notes before the CBN extended the expiration date of the Old naira notes with the hope that they would be given the new notes. However, banks have not been able to effectively circulate the new notes, dashing the hopes of customers.





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