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Formula 1: What Max Verstappen said as Red Bull launch 2022 challenger(Photo)

Formula 1: What Max Verstappen said as Red Bull launch 2022 challenger(Photo)



Red Bull have launched the new car they hope will enable Max Verstappen to retain the world drivers’ title.

Verstappen said he was “recharged” and looking forward to getting behind the wheel of a car designed to a new rules aimed at producing closer racing.

Team principal Christian Horner said: “Now we have the number one on the car, the challenge is to keep it on the car.

“With a new set of regulations, it’s going to be incredibly difficult but motivation is sky high.”


The new car was launched in what Horner admitted was a form that did not reveal all its technical secrets.

“When we get to the first race, the car is not going to look very much like this,” he said.

The launch was handled as a video presentation and the media were not able to ask questions.

Horner described the new rules as “the biggest regulation change for 30 or 40 years” and admitted there was anxiety at Red Bull as to whether they had fully maximised their potential.


“We’re aiming to build on what we achieved last year and the target is to try and retain the title,” Horner said.

“The big unknown is have we missed something with the rules – have another team stolen a march?”

Red Bull also announced a new title sponsorship and technology transfer deal with computing giant Oracle which is said to be among the most lucrative in F1 history.

Red Bull would not comment on the value of the deal, but it is said to be worth $100m (£74m) a year for the next five seasons.


Red Bull

The idea is that Oracle’s computing expertise will enhance the team’s capabilities in race strategy planning and their new engine department, among other areas.

The rules change the way F1 cars work by producing a much larger proportion of the overall aerodynamic downforce from under the car using a phenomenon known as ‘ground effect’.

The idea is to create cars that greatly reduce the turbulence encountered by a car behind, so it does not experience such a large loss of downforce and can follow more closely.

In addition, F1 has adopted larger 18-inch wheels and lower-profile tyres, to bring it more into line with road cars.


The new tyres produced by Pirelli have been designed with the aim of allowing drivers to push harder for longer in races, rather than lap seconds off the pace to keep tyres under a certain temperature threshold, as has been the case for the last decade.

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Verstappen, who has driven a version of the car in Red Bull’s simulator, said the new tyres and wheels, which are taller than those used last year, will take some getting used to.

He said: “A lot is unknown about the car. What is important is to prepare yourself in the best way possible physically, but in terms of the car you don’t know. I am very curious to see how the car goes on track.

“For me, the biggest thing is the view from the cockpit with these big tyres – driving the car just feels like it has a bit less grip but you get used to that.”


And he said he was not going to change anything about his approach despite becoming a world champion for the first time.

“I just do what I do all the time,” Verstappen said. “There is no reason to suddenly be different. Of course as a driver the new regulations you have to get used to the car.

“It’s not like you just jump in and it’s an upgrade from last year. That is going to be the biggest adaptation.”

Credit: BBC,Getty Images,CN


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