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David Hundeyin ‘Attacks’ Seun Kuti Over His Arrest



A Nigerian investigative journalist and activist, David Hundeyin, has mocked Seun Kuti, the embattled singer and the youngest son of afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, over his arrest by the Nigeria Police for allegedly physically assaulting a policeman as captured in a viral video.

SaharaReporters had reported that the afrobeat musician was captured in a viral video, allegedly assaulting a policeman on duty, but Seun said that he slapped the police officer because he attempted to kill him and his family members.


Reacting to Seun’s ordeal with the police, David Hundeyin mocked the singer for not supporting the candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, for president in the 2023 presidential elections.

According to Hundeyin, Seun opposed Obi who, according to him, would bring real change to Nigeria and the police force. He wrote on his Twitter handle, “Oh, OK, so Seun Kuti is some kind of martyr now. “But please answer this – why did he vehemently oppose the only plausible electoral option that could result in REAL systemic police change? “Or his big genius solution instead of political change was to go about slapping police?”


Denying that he and Seun were not on the same page as regards activism and advocacy for a better Nigeria, Hundeyin said, “This is why I do not take Aluta people serious. Behind the noise and signaling, it is only hot air that occupies their big empty heads. Bla bla bla fight the power, bla bla bla aluta continua, but your “fight” only boils down to mindless violence against poor people.

“They’re really trying to rebrand this igbó-huffing slowpoke with a terminal case of verbal diarrhea as Martin Luther King Jnr.


“Someone that I swear the version of me that existed in JSS2 in 2003 was smarter than he is now.”

“Not every loudmouth is a freedom fighter please.


“We are NOT on the same side. I highlight problems and propose actual solutions.

Seun Kuti is a daft, mindless nihilist who opposes for the sake of opposition. It’s not an intellectual position but a lifestyle choice for him – an aesthetic. A psychological fashion accessory.


“Because instead of doing the politically obvious and morally right thing by making the most popular candidate your flagbearer, you acted like the spoiled imbeciles you are and showed a middle finger to Nigeria,” he added.

On Tuesday, Hundeyin posted a mugshot of Seun in handcuffs and mocked him for failing to prevent the police from seizing his wife’s phone.


He tweeted, “Turn-by-Turn Nigeria Limited.

“At least even as I be “small pikin” I was still able to protect my woman. Police did not seize her phone. My children will never see a police mugshot of me in handcuffs on the internet.


“You wey be old papa, na you mosquito dey chop inside Kirikiri.

“Proud to be “small pikin.”✌🏿


Reacting to a picture of Seun in handcuffs, he wrote, Be like Boko haram suspect when dem catch with suicide belt.

The investigative journalist also seems to have a grouse with Seun Kuti over the musician’s position on his Oxford University controversy.


In March, Seun claimed responsibility for the reported termination of Hundeyin’s contract with the UK university.

Hundeyin’s contract was reportedly terminated from the university for behaviour considered to be potentially misogynistic and controversial.


Cherwell, a weekly student publication produced majorly by Oxford University students, reported that Onyeka Nwelue, a Nigerian author, and David Hundeyin were sent out of the university after organising a “fraudulent” book premiere for Hundeyin’s book on the school’s property.

It was alleged that Hundeyin and Nwelue exploited the university community by asking for the payment of £20 for admission to African Studies Centre activities, said to be typically free.


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