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The critics of Oòduà Nation are of various types and qualities. Some of them are deep. There are those of them engaging and inspiring. There are some of them who employ reason to make their case against Oòduà Nation from their own perspective. Quite a number of them are honest about their concerns. Yes, some of them are very sincere.

Those who make you go back to do further homework to find answers to what you have not thought of, are the ones that I admire most among them. This type forces you to review and reassess your assumptions, beliefs, theories, strategies and tactics. Implicitly, your thinking process is sharpened by them. Your analytical mind is more wired and alerted. To my mind this group of critics are indispensable to the struggle.

On the other hand, we have those of them that are very frivolous. A lot of them are very pedestrian. Mentally lazy. Intellectually slothful and languorous. A section of them are ramblers. Quite a number of them are intellectual wayfarers. There are sections of them that are unscrupulous. Many of them are underhanded. We have hypocrites among them. There are some of them that are facetious.

There are also some of them that are cowards. There are among them certified hypocrites. Many of them are intellectually pretentious. There are shallow and hollow minds among them They lack the capability to engage in critical thinking that could foster critical analysis of extant situation.

When confronted with FACTS, they become impervious, most of the times unconsciously and at times, consciously. They submerge themselves in the natatorium of denial and unwittingly deodorize the malodorous insanities plaguing our polity.

Ask them for alternative solutions, they have none, but would rather engage in meaningless and seamless unsavory, sickening sophistry, that is bereft of logic and substance.

For this type of critics, their stock in trade is to trivialize serious existential threats, turn matters of life and death to obnoxious *àwàdà keríkerì* and engage in repulsive entertainment.

They put on the toga of “holier-than-thou” hawked through vacuous righteous indignation and fumigate flailing foolishness as substantive wisdom.

When one is forced to respond to their inanities, they become defensive and climb the priggish pedestal of blackmail, exuding vicious sense of being victimized, and set odious examples of victimology. They would proceed to vaunt fake maturity cocooned in decency that is all but dubious. Being mischievous is their second nature.

But as someone who always look to History as guide, I see them as making the journey arduous and more challenging. In their heinous roles, they help us appreciate the value of our liberty and freedom more. They make it possible for us to be more focused, emboldened and determined to be free.

Through their shenanigans and charlatanism, they make it clearer that we have enemies within working and collaborating with the enemies at the door.

The instructive lesson of History is that they would play their cursed roles, but they would eventually kiss the dust. Some of the nay sayers would even be indulged to be perfidious and treacherous, but eventually have pay the price for their perfidies and treacheries. The spirit of man that abhors subjugation and slavery would vanquish them and consign them to the dustbin of History.

Oòduà Nation is here to stay.

A nation is more than the physical buildings. It is more than a beautiful capital territory. It is more than the existence of powerful armed forces. It is more than a government that controls, oppresses or benefits.

A nation, to exist has to be ingrained in the psyche of its citizens. There has to be that emotional connection. It has to run as blood in the veins and marrow in the bones of those, who subscribe to it. A nation is that consummated indescribable feelings that command the unalloyed love, permeated with buoyant affection and infused with unsolicited loyalty of those who subscribe to it. A nation is that which is patently invisible but translucently obvious and recurrent in the gliding waves of the sea of sub-consciousness, of its people.

That is the power of the Oòduà Nation. No one could and would ever be able to take it away from the minds, hearts and brains of Yoruba people. It is already embedded in the consciousness of the overwhelming majority of her citizens, the Yoruba. Where she is currently ensconced, no bullet could rip it apart. No armed forces could and would ever be able to defeat it. defeat it.

Oòduà Nation is currently metastasizing where its physicality is being precipitated. It is a reality.

Welcome, the Great Oòduà Nation.

“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility, I welcome it.” –John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1960.

©️Remi Oyeyemi