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Comrade Israel Joe: Deregulation, subsidy removal from petrol, best decision taken by Buhari govt




Comrade Israel Joe, a human rights activist, commends President Buhari’s led-government on petrol subsidy removal.

A human rights activist, Comrade Israel Joe, on Sunday, said a complete deregulation with the total removal of subsidy from petrol is the best decision taken by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government.


Comrade Joe made the assertion during a chat with
He, however, expressed the beliefs that the monies that would be realized from the deregulated products would still be looted by Nigerian politicians.

While noting that the President Buhari-led Federal Government is insensitive to the plights of the Nigerian people, Comrade Joe suggested that “if Nigerians are ready to face the challenge of petrol hike, the Government should be sincere to fix up the country with the billions coming out from the subsidy recovery.


“The roads are deplorable. Nigerians are paying for darkness. No electric power supply and insecurity is the order of the day.”

Comrade Joe also said the silence of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, in the face of the recent increase in petroleum pump price to one hundred and seventy naira is even worse when their members suffer the most from Government failures and bad policies.


“The NLC has become a featherless and clawless hawk that can be tossed here and there by the Government.”
Comrade Joe also suggested that the future, vision and goals of Nigeria be renegotiated by its people.


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