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Telegram And Whatsapp: Which Is Better?

Telegram And Whatsapp: Which Is Better?

The Comparison between Telegram and Whatsapp is examined again and it appears the latter has gained an upper hand from the look of things.



The Editor Nigeria looks at Telegram & WhatsApp Advantages and Disadvantages…for the sake of argument. Check;



1a. All media shared on telegram are not stored in your device memory.

1b. WhatsApp stores media in your memory

2a. Telegram allows you to edit sent messages and resend without copying, paste and delete.

2b. Whatsapp is not capable to do that.

3a. Telegram has 200,000 members capability.

3b WhatsApp only has 250 capability

4a. With Telegram, all Admins can delete any unwarranted messages shared by members.

4b. WhatsApp admin cannot delete unwanted messages shared by any member.

5a. Telegram editing system allows editing anytime and no matter how long the messages were sent.

5b. WhatsApp only allows within 15 mins to about 1 hour to delete.

6a. Telegram does not clog your phones.

6b. WhatsApp get your phone clog.

7a. Telegram allows long lengthy trail of message.

7b. WhatsApp breaks your message in parts.

8a. Telegram new additional members can see prior messages shared earlier by other members while in the group.

8b. WhatsApp does not.

9a. Telegram has a long term and durable lifespan

9b. WhatsApp clogs up when a group is filled with limited pictures and videos and you need to delete some videos and photos to be able to use whatsapp.