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Christland Sex Scandal: Where Did We Go Wrong? What No One Is Talking About

Christland Sex Scandal: Where Did We Go Wrong? What No One Is Talking About



1. Are children of these days worse than the older generation?

I see a lot of myopic comments claiming the world has spoil finish. This is not true. Underage children has been engaging in stupid things from the days of Adam and Eve. Children that grew up in an environment where they learned about sex early always end up having sex early. When I was still in Primary school in the 1990s, I knew some of my classmates who where already sexually active and I attended one of the best schools in Jos.

The problem is the internet only makes it easier for children these days to get access to porn and things that corrupt them. Children will always do stupid things it is not a new thing or a big deal sef. They are children and need guidance.

Many of us judging these kids 2ould have used our phones to watch porn if we had smart phones back in our days too. Children are curious and porn would interest them.


2. Private Schools with wahala.
This Is another short sighted thought people are propagating. They think private schools are terrible in management.
They are talking of Dowen collage cultism and now chrisland issue. They say private schools are over rated. Well, they are wrong. If any child trusts you and tells you what happens in their schools, You will fear god.

Secondary school girls are doing runs in public schools and all their classmates know
The boys are doing yahoo.
They have cults too. Infact cultism from secondary school is very very old especially public schools.

3. Only girls are victims
people have been one sided judging matters always against the males. If not for the video leak, many Nigerians were already out calling for the heads of the boys. Women know they can always get public sympathy and they are abusing it. They are using it unduly to revenge and hurt people they dont like. They cry rape when they need to deal with a man. Is it not a possibility that it was the girl that initiated the truth or dare game? Do we even know if it was the girl that initiated sex with those boys? We dont have these answers yet people jumped into conclusion and many even insisted that the girl must have been drugged by the boys because they believe only boys can be bad. Girls are always good

4. Where did we go wrong?
Humans have always been bad, humans would always make bad life decisions. Children particularly would do things that are wrong because that is how children are. Exposure to social media is not helping them, giving them mobile phones is not helping, movies, music are all confusing them.


The worst influence on these girls are Ladies. You ladies always twerking online, always taking suggestive videos. The only thing you do on tick tok is dance and twerk. You sexualize every picture you take even pictures you take in church. The younger girls begin to develop the wrong mindset that sex is the most important thing most of you girls cannot take a picture without emphasizing your butt or boobs.
The reason why I focused on women towards the end is because there is this assumption that it is men that sexually expose children. The moment a child is discovered to be sexually adventurous, the public begins to ask that all the men in the family including the dad of the child be suspected. This has been the way it has been for ages, men Are always the evil ones in the eyes of the society. That is why the mum of the chrisland girl came out to play the same old rape card instead of addressing the moral delinquency issue of the children involved.


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