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Paul Adefarasin: Christians should vote candidates churches endorsed for 2023



Paul Adefarasin, founder of House on the Rock, has called on Christians to get their Permanent Voter Card (PVC) to vote for candidates endorsed by church leaders to influence the 2023 general elections.

He further told his congregants that instructions regarding which political candidates to vote for would be provided.

“When we get closer, we will share the profile of the candidate that you should vote for and the ones who tick the most boxes,” he said. “Those are the ones you should vote for.”



Mr Adefarasin announced this call on Sunday while giving a sermon.

“It is imperative that every believer, online and offline, must get your PVC. I’m a man under authority; I once used to be the deputy president of the PFN (Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria) and did not want to go further in that structure, in that executive office,” said the cleric. “So, I can have more time to pastor this church and other things I feel like God is telling me to do.”

The PFN’s National Advisory Council had instructed that “every Christian, every human being you can contact must have a PVC and must prepare to vote” in 2023, Mr Adefarasin pointed out.

According to him, the PFN’s target is to mobilise additional 15 million voters.


“We believe we can get 15 million more voters, and that becomes a very significant bloc that must be respected, and it adds to the platform of our voice, harmonised as Christian leaders,” the church leader explained.

The House on the Rock senior pastor also asserted that the next Nigerian president must be a person who respects the law.


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