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Brymo’s Anti-Igbo Tweet Caused By Drugs, Ex-Management Says – David Hundeyin



Investigative journalist and social commentator,David Hundeyin has weighed in on Brymo’s outbursts agains the Igbo nation.

Hundeying remarked that Brymo is most likely under the influence of hard drugs for him to have made such derogratory and controverial comments against a section of the country.


Acoording to Hundeyin ‘after a conversation with his former management team, I’m made to understand that he was very likely high when he tweeted this.


Apparently he has a severe and ongoing drug problem. Which is not an excuse, but at least it provides some context for this puzzling unraveling.

Again, not an excuse but you can clearly see that this guy is not really in control at all. The lights are on but nobody is home.

He actually needs help. Not necessarily sympathy, but help’.


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