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Breaking: Tinubu Govt To Probe Ex- President Buhari ‘Fraudulent’ Program,N-Power



Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation has said the present administration is poised to probe las t administration’s N-Power program.



The Editor Nigeria reports that the minister disclosed this information during her appearance on a Saturday TVC news program.

She explained that the decision was prompted by irregularities within the scheme, highlighting that the government has initiated an investigation into fund usage since the program’s inception.


The Minister asserted that certain recipients are absent from their designated work locations while still anticipating their monthly allowances.

According to her, some of the beneficiaries ought to have exited the program in 2022 but are still on the payroll.


She said,

  •  “We must go back to look into N-Power and understand what the problems are so we will basically suspend the programe for now until we are done with proper investigation into the utilization of fund into the N-Power program. 
  • “We want to know how many persons are basically on the program right now, how many persons are owed, amount they are owed. We are totally restructuring the N-Power and expanding it. 
  • “There are lots going on. We met people who were supposed to have exited the program last year and they are still claiming that they are still teaching. 
  • “Sometimes we contact the school or the places where they are working and they are not there. They are not working yet they keep claiming that they are being owed eight or nine months stipends. 
  • “About 80%  of them are not working yet they are claiming salaries”. 

What you should Know 

N-Power Program was launched by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration in 2016 to address the issue of youth unemployment and help increase social development.

The scheme was created for unemployed graduates and non-graduates between the ages of 18 and 35.


The Program was built to prepare young Nigerians for a modern, globalized economy by helping equip youths with skills and certifications for emerging global markets.

The Editor Nigeria recalls that the Federal Government announced the indefinite suspension of the N-Power program earlier this week.


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