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BREAKING: St. Nicholas Hospital Facebook Page Hacked, Renamed DODO



St. Nicholas Hospital Facebook Page has been hacked and renamed DODO.

St Nicholas Hospital’s Facebook page has been hacked by an unknown person(s) and renamed DODO.

This was revealed by the management of the hospital via messages shared with patients and clients on Wednesday.

According to the message, which was seen by Nairametrics, the hospital is working on recovering the account. Meanwhile, patients and clients have been advised to disregard any information or message from DODO.



What St. Nicholas is saying about Facebook account hack

It stated, “This is to notify you that St. Nicholas Hospital FBK Page has been hacked and renamed DODO. We are working to recover our account. Disregard any message from DODO, it is not from us. You can reach us via our website;”

What you should know about St. Nicholas Hospital

For over 50 years, St. Nicholas Hospital has been providing patient focused care and exceptional clinical services to the people of Nigeria from Lagos. It also provide a broad range of services which cut across various medical fields the ultimate aim of which is to take care of you and support you, and your family through what may be a distressing period.

The original St. Nicholas Hospital was a converted dwelling house. It was registered as a private hospital on 29th July, 1952. From its inception it admitted mainly obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatric cases, thus the name St. Nicholas being the patron Saint of women and children.


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