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Breaking: NLC To Embark On Indefinite Strike, Says FG Failed To Meet Demands



The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has said it will be embarking on a nationwide indefinite strike, following the government’s failure to meet its demands.

The NLC Head of Department for Information and Public Affairs, Benson Upah confirmed the strike action on Friday.


The union, which had embarked on a two-day strike, noted that the decision is as a result of the Federal Government’s inability to meet the Unions’ demand during the 14-day ultimatum given to them, which elapsed today.

Speaking to the Whistler, Upah, said that none of their demands had been met, noting that the strike “can begin any moment from now”.


Upah said, “The FG has put nothing to the table, There is no agreement from all the resolutions that are mutually signed. The government is not prepared.

“The National Executive Council (NEC) communique is emphatic about when the ultimatum will end, but not precise about when the strike will commence. It could start a few minutes, one hour, three days from when the ultimatum ends.


“This is for us to mobilize our actions, and that is the window the NEC communique gave us.

“This is the first government to remove fuel subsidy and is very confused on actions to take.”


He also revealed that, unlike the two-day warning strike where compliance was not strictly adhered to, this time around it will be difficult to disobey.

When asked what actions will be put in place to ensure strict compliance, Upah said, “Do you know of any good general who put out his plans in the public before he strikes? We are fully ready to strike.”


The union also urged the youths to join in the action, reiterating that the country is for the youths, and they should stand up and take it back.


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