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Breaking! INEC Names Labour Party As Winner of Oshodi/Isolo Constituency 1 HoR Election



INEC publication on its official website confirms that Labour Party won the House of Representatives election of February 25, 2023 in Oshodi/Isolo constituency 1 in Lagos State.

Incidentally, the name of a wrong candidate was erroneously published against the party’s name.

The public should, however, note that the party is the owner of the mandate, not the candidate. It is Labour Party they voted for, by law, not the candidate.

I hope INEC will realize this, correct the error and publish the name of the candidate of Labour Party against the name to put the record straight in due time.


All the available evidences in the custody of our election situation room and the results uploaded by INEC itself of the IReV server as at Monday, March 6, 2023, shows that Rotn. Olukayode Ezekiel Salako of Labour Party won the election with landslide.

By the legal implication of this publication by INEC itself, it is a clear confirmation that Labour Party is the winner of the election, not the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Hon. Bashiru Dawodu is not the candidate of Labour Party. It is Rotn. (Comrade) Olukayode Ezekiel Salako.

Labour Party hereby calls on INEC to correct the error, by removing the name of Bashiru Dawodu, who is not the candidate of its party from the published space, and immediately replace it with the name of its candidate, who is Olukayode Ezekiel Salako on the list.


By this publication, INEC has expressly confirmed that Labour Party is the winner of the election.


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