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Breaking: How Chrisland School ‘Killed My Daughter’, Whitney’s Mum Reveals More…(Video)




Social media space is boiling right now as popular Lagos school Chrisland loses a female student by name Whitney Adeniran.




Whitney Adeniran is the student in question; she died during the school’s inter-house sports in Lagos.

According to the 12-year-old girl’s father, Dr. Michael Adeyemi Adeniran, the child died at Agege Stadium on Thursday, February 9, 2023.


He said the child had no health condition or sickness as of the time the school bus picked her up for the event.


In a Facebook post where he was seeking justice and explanation, he wrote, “To the biggest shock of my life by 1 pm in the afternoon, I got a call from my wife that she was informed that our daughter slumped at the inter-house sport and she was rushed to the clinic….. My wife was at the venue even before the event started. She was never informed or called until they have conveyed our child out of the venue before they informed her.

“On arrival of my wife at the health center where they took my daughter, my daughter was lying dead with her lips black and her tongue black.

“My wife called me urgently, I left my office to the place and found my 12-year-old daughter lying dead on the ground. I asked questions about what happened to my daughter and the school authority could not get me any information as to what happened to my child in their care.

“I gave Chrisland school a healthy vibrant young girl what Chrisland returned to me is a dead child. My entire family is in deep sorrow but the school Authority claimed they know nothing about my daughter’s death and all they know is that my daughter slumped and died.”


Taking to social media, Nigerians questioned why the school was still operating and why parents still have their kids in the house, since the incident with Sylvester Oromoni.

Dr Adanma wrote, “After Sylvester incident, all parents should have withdrawn their kids from Chrisland. They should have protested. Bigot Chrisland School. They kill children. School wey dem suppose shit down. Sylvester and his parents haven’t gotten justice till date… This is wickedness

Iris Borah wrote, “Chrisland school again… God take control

Tallboss chic wrote, “At this point, if your child still attends Chrisland, you h8t that child. A pain to one should be a pain to all. Abi na blood sacrifice? I don’t get


world wrote, “Chrisland again? And yet parents won’t withdraw their children cos they don’t know how it feels like to lose a child”.

Watch the detailed video below;






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