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BREAKING: Former Military General, Dogonyaro Is Dead



Military General Who Announced Buhari Coup Is Dead.

The Editor Nigeria reports that a Former Field Commander of ECOMOG, General Joshua Dogonyaro is dead.


The Former Nigerian Military General died in Jos, the Plateau state capital on Thursday morning, May 13, family sources revealed to News Online.

This online news understands that the retired general was popular for being a member of the ‘langtang Mafia’ during his days in the military.


General Joshua Dogonyaro was also responsible for announcing the coup that removed current President, Muhammadu Buhari from power in 1985.

Former Nigerian Military General is dead. He announced coup that ousted Buhari


The Former Nigerian Military General read the coup speech that ousted the Buhari military junta and brought in the Ibrahim Bademosi Babangida junta on August 27, 1985. Born in 1940 at Vom Missionary Hospital, Vom, Plateau State, he attended Saint Peter CMS Primary School, Bukuru, from where he gained admission into Boys’ Secondary School, Gindiri.

General Joshua Dogonyaro later moved to Dental Technology School, Broad Street, Lagos, gaining admission into the Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna shortly after.


The Former Nigerian Military General died at age 80.


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