Breaking: Davido’s #WemaAlat Account ‘Restricted’ After He Received Over N130M…
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Breaking: Davido’s #WemaAlat Account ‘Restricted’ After He Received Over N130M…

Breaking: Davido’s #WemaAlat Account ‘Restricted’ After He Received Over N130M…

Davido #WemaAlat account has been reportedly suspended.


Reports coming reaching the desk of CityNews Nigeria have it that the #WemaAlat account of Davido has been restricted.


CityNews Nigeria recalls that the superstar had jokingly said he needed N100 million to clear his Rolls Royce from the port.

Davido immediately shared his account details on his verified Twitter handle and Instagram.


Davido revealed earlier today that he newly opened a bank account just so his “true friends” will have a channel to bless with him with money to prove the genuineness of their friendship.

He posted the account number on his social media page and quite a number of people gifted him with millions of Naira which have now accumulated to over N130m (as at the time of filing this report).

Davido made sure to give updates of the amount his money had gotten to from time to time as he received numerous credit alerts and it was noticed in his recent updates, that debits have been restricted from the account meaning as of this moment, he can’t withdraw any money from the account.


Most times, bank place an account on Post-No-Debit (PND) which is basically an instruction to not to allow any withdrawals or transfers from the bank account of account owners, essentially blocking the account from outflows. It is usually drastic a measure taken to allow for investigation and possibly to reclaim any illegal inflow into an account.

Given the influx of money that went into Davido’s account today, it’s quite understandable why his account was placed on PND.


CityNews Nigeria will bring you up to speed shortly…

Culled from CityNews Nigeria