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Bitcoin rallies on UN plea to central banks, Elon Musk’s revived Twitter Buy out

Bitcoin rallies on UN plea to central banks, Elon Musk’s revived Twitter Buy out



Crypto investors got emboldened by news that the UN had urged the Fed to halt raising interest rates because it might trigger a worldwide recession, and the situation started to alter. 

The cryptocurrency market responded favorably, early today as bitcoin soared to a multi-day high of just over $20K. The asset is currently centimeters from that desired line, yet its market cap has increased to $385 billion. For the first time in weeks, its dominance over the alternatives is greater than 40%. 

The unusual plea is being issued in the midst of mounting worry over how quickly the Fed and its rivals are raising borrowing prices in order to rein in spiraling inflation. After the Covid-19 outbreak and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, India’s central bank warned on Friday that the world economy was about to see a third significant shock in the form of aggressive rate increases by central banks in wealthy nations. 

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc., revived his $44 billion offer for Twitter Inc., which spurred a surge in Dogecoin. Musk is thought to be in favor of the token. The 2013 joke-based meme coin has increased by roughly 8% during the last day. 


Virtual currencies increased at the beginning of the week along with other risky assets, encouraged by speculation that the apex of a worldwide wave of monetary tightening is near. However, high inflation has proven to be a tenacious foe, and earlier spurts of confidence have a tendency to fade in a trying year for many investors. 

Though most recent price actions reveal Bitcoin was halted on Wednesday as a two-day spike in risk appetite appeared to be about to take a break, according to a decline in US market futures and an increase in the value of the greenback. 

The biggest cryptocurrency experienced its biggest two-day surge in roughly a month before losing about 1% and trading close to $20. 2K in the early hours of Wednesday.  

Despite being promoted as an inflation hedge, Bitcoin’s connection to U.S. markets shows how much positive correlation it has with risky assets 


Though recent price actions revealed when the tech-dominated Nasdaq was down almost 10% in September, Bitcoin was marginally up. 


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