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Banditry: How I slept in bush for 19 days to escape from bandits — Pastor Dauda Yosi Kwaki



FOR the past three months, bandits have shifted their onslaught to Shiroro and Munya local government areas of Niger State. In the past few years, 18 of the 25 local government areas have been under the siege of the bandits, but now full attention has been shifted to Shiroro and Munya. In these two local government areas, no fewer than 100 communities have been sacked and the natives taken to Gwada where they are being camped as refugees.

Life is unbearable for them there because of the exploding population and without sufficient food, water and medicines to take care of them. In Shiroro Local Government Area, there are15 political wards with many communities, while there are 13 political wards in Munya with many other communities looking for means of sustenance. But virtually all the communities in these two local government areas have been sacked by bandits who raid them at will, kill, maim, raze their houses or food barns and abduct those they want at will.


Those who were lucky to escape the onslaught have gory tales of what they passed and still passing through to tell. One of them is Pastor Dauda Yosi Kwaki of Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church in Mangorata Town in Munya Local Government Area of the state. Pastor Kwaki spoke with Arewa Voice after escaping massacre by the bandits along with his family of eight.

He said: “Our community was invaded by the bandits on March 27 and they broke into my church and residence with the aim of killing me and my family, but God saved us. Out of annoyance, they destroyed the pulpit, chairs, drums and other musical instruments they met. They also forced the door of my house open and carted away all valuables they could lay their hands on. I was hiding by the river close to my church with others also in the bush and heard them banging on the doors of the church. I escaped into a nearby bush where I stayed for 19 days virtually with nothing to eat or drink before I finally escaped to Gurusu village where I am presently managing.”


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