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Adegbola Dominic: Lagos PDP Releases Statement On ‘Contemptous Disregard Of Court Order’





Dr. Adegbola Dominic.
LAGOS State PDP Chairman.

The attention of the general membership of our party is hereby drawn to the brazen and contemptuous disregard of the judgement of the High Court of Lagos state, delivered on the 21st June 2021.
The National Working Committee of our party, the PDP, by its letter dated 15th July 2021, referred to Mr. Adedeji Doherty as Chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party in arrogant contempt of the considered judgement of court which clearly declared that there has been no vacancy in the position of the State Chairman, and some other named positions “until the next State Congress “.
The National Working Committee of our great party has, by this letter, under the hand of its National Organizing Secretary, Col. Akobundu (rtd), left everybody wondering whose interest it is actually serving. in brusquely disobeying an order of a competent court.
Whose interest is the NWC serving in purporting to appeal the said judgement of court which declared the lawful position regarding the matter of a putative vacancy in a State Executive Committee of the Party? Whose interest is the NWC serving by an invidious misunderstanding of a clear and unambiguous Court Pronouncement? Surely it cannot be the interest of our party.
It is universally known and accepted that “Until and unless a judgement of court is appealed against and appeal upheld, the judgement subsists and stands as the position of the law on that matter”.
All PDP members in Lagos State are nonetheless advised to remain focused on our preparations for the Council elections, and ignore all attempts aimed at causing confusion and distractions, with the object of destroying our great party in Lagos state.
On my part as State Chairman, and with the continuing support of all you committed party members, I shall resist with the full force of law and the extant rules of the party, any attempts to distract us from the charted course of our mandate.
I enjoin all members to concentrate intently on preparations for the Council elections which, by the grace of God, we shall win.
Dr. Adegbola Dominic,
State Chairman,
PDP. Lagos State Chapter.


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