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7 Brilliant Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2021

7 Brilliant Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2021

7 Brilliant Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2021

The world has gone digital and the internet has become a pool of wealth for those who embrace it. Working online has also become a survival means for many Nigerians. To be sincere, you don’t need to be TechSavvy in this digital age before you can make money online. Doing some research on google and watching youtube videos would put you on the right track once you have a focus.

There are many ways you can make money online and in this post, I will address 7 Easy Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria.

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Freelancing is a good means of making money online. A means of working for an employer online remotely and getting paid after completion. Freelancing also allows you to build a professional network. As a freelancer, your skill is the major thing that would put you forward. This simply means you need to have skill in a niche, e.g graphics design, web design, animation, writing, and so on.

There are various websites where you can sell your services as a freelancer, but I recommend the 3 below;



Starting a blog and focusing on a niche is also a means of making money online. However, blogging is a long walk to success, because it takes a longer time before you start making income.

You can start a free blog site with GoDaddy by clicking on the image below then register


Once you start a blog for the purpose of making income, it is important that you focus on a niche, write good content and then apply for  Google Adsense.  Apart from AdSense, there are other means you can make money, which could be through affiliate programs, advertisement promotion,  selling your own products on your blog, or Pay Per Click Ads Networks. Most importantly, you need to attract visitors to your blog before you can start making a decent income.



Affiliate marketing is a means by which you earn a commission by promoting a product or service made by another retailer or advertiser. It is a monetization program where an affiliate partner (which is you), is rewarded for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. or Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting and bring sales to a company’s product and getting some commissions in reward. This method is also an organic way of making money in Nigeria. The below affiliate programs are the ones I recommend but you can also do research and find others e-commerce websites that run affiliate marketing programs.

You can start by exploring the following affiliate program;


So, how do you promote affiliate programs? You can promote the affiliate products through;

    • your blog
    • other open websites that accept guest post
    • social media
    • paid advertisement

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Social media management is also a great way of making money online. There are many celebrities and small business that needs social media manager. You can be employed by writing them and make your intentions known, and if they need your service, they would reach out to you. As such, you need to have in-depth knowledge of social media management and have a professional website/portfolio which can present you better to the client/employer. Networking with people and telling them about what you do is also a means of creating awareness.


Dropshipping is one of the good ways of making money online in Nigeria.  Dropshipping is a means of selling third-party products to customers from a dropshipping company. This way, when customers make orders for a product through you, you then send their requests to the drop shipping company who’ll now deliver the product to the customer. Your income comes from the difference between the actual cost of the product from the amount you sell the product to the customer.

How do you then start drop-shipping? First, you need to focus on the product you want to promote, then you can create an online shop on Shopify, Ecwid, etc

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Starting an online class is another way you can make money online in Nigeria. This is a means of creating tutorials in a field where you are good. e.g writing,  or 3d animation, or other programs. You can create tutorials around them in stages then register and upload them on platforms like UdemySkillshareyoutube, etc while you get paid as people watch the tutorials.

You can also create and mentor people in an online class through Facebook group or Whatsapp. It is important that you first bring people together when you use the means of a Facebook group or WhatsApp then offer them some free courses and once they build some level of trust in you, they would surely buy your other courses when you bring it to them for some fees.



The advent of technology has improved the ways we sell products. The traditional ways of selling products are limited to the numbers of customers that would embrace your products while having an online shop of your own gives you more freedom because it allows you to reach millions of people across the world. You can also sell your products on Instagram, Facebook, and e-commerce websites like Konga or Jumia.