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5 Cool Google Tricks You Wish You Knew Earlier

5 Cool Google Tricks You Wish You Knew Earlier

We use Google daily for entertainment, to get information and more. As a matter of fact, Google somehow has become a part of our lives as students and professionals – even kids use Google Classroom!


Despite our regular usage of Search, Gmail, Doodle and a host of other Google products, there are some exciting tricks we are likely unaware of.


Listed below are 5 out of the many amazing Google tricks that are available!

Please open a new window on your Google browser to try out each trick as you read. I bet you will surely find the experience exciting like I did.

1. Google T-Rex Pixelated Dinosaur Video Game

Are you always bored when you lose access to internet connection? This may be a good time to rest your brain while you play the Google Tyrannosaurus-rex game.

How to start to game? As soon as you see the no internet connection screen, hit the SPACE bar to start the game.

You are to guide the Dino across a landscape while at the same time avoiding obstacles and enemies on the prowl. The more obstacles you avoid, the higher your score. However, if you hit an obstacle or run into an enemy, the game ends. Interesting?

2. The Barrel Roll

If you want to show off your knowledge of the “secrets of Google” to your friends and family, here’s an opportunity for you to do so. To activate the barrel roll, simply search do a barrel roll via Google Search and your page will actually roll like a barrel. Don’t believe? Try it now and share the trick with your friends/colleagues.

3. ” Blink Blink” HTML

HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. It is a programming language developers use in building web applications. For the fun of it, simply type “Blink HTML” without the quotation marks via Google search and you will see all the HTML words blink simultaneously. Go ahead and try it out now.

4. Tilted Page

You can play a prank on your friends with this trick while they are trying to search for something on Google. Tell them to enter “Askew” in the search box and watch their reactions. The page will be tilted to the right! Try this now.

5. Mr. Google Gravity

Of all the tricks you have tried out, this one is the most interesting in my opinion and might freak you out.

You should actually try it out. How?

Navigate to Google search page. Enter ‘ Google Gravity’ in the search bar then click on ‘I am Feeling Lucky’. Afterwards, move your mouse a bit and watch the wonders of Google chrome experiments unfold before your eyes.

Without experiencing these Google tricks firsthand, you won’t know exactly how exciting they are. Try them out now and share with a friend. If there are other tricks you know, you can also share in the comments section.